We are 

X-HUMATE is a high-tech agricultural fertilizer manufacturers and fertilizer manufacturer in china. 

We are in R & D, production and sales of humic acid wholesale and humate series in P.R. of China. 

As professional fertilizer factory and Bulk Fertilizer Suppliersour humate products have been exported to over 60 countries in Europe, USA and Asia, etc.

 And our fertilizer manufacturer widely enjoy high reputation both at home and abroad. 

As fertilizer wholesale suppliers and fertilizer wholesale dealers,we have hot saleing

  • X®Amino acid (Plant Source)
  • X®Sodium Humate for Feed Additive
  • X®Mineral Potassium Fulvate
  • Super X® Super Potassium Humate
  • X®Granular Humic acid Suppliers
  • X®Humic Acid Ultrafine Powder