X®Granular Humic acid Suppliers
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Humic Acid Suppliers Produce Granular for Soil considtioner, Extracted from natural high grade Leonardite/lignite, high biological activity and rich organic matter, improving and adjusting soil PH value.

X®Granular Humic acid Suppliers

Product Descriptions:

Humic Acid is extracted from natural high-grade Leonardite. With unique physiological activity, it has been successfully applied in landscapes and gardens as well as all agricultural and horticultural plants, and the application effect is remarkable. It can be used alone or combined with Nitrogen and Phosphorus in irrigation and spray



Humic acid content(Dry dasis) :






PH value



Particle size:






Agriculture and Forestry: Used alone in turfgrass or used as a fertilizer synergist in combination with other fertilizers; It can also be used as a soil amendment to improve soil structure and enhance fertility; It can also be used as raw materials for feed additives.

Construction: Concrete retarder, Environmentally-friendly coating agent, Decoration material.

Water Resources Protection: Supply water purifier, Sewage proposal, Erosion proof, and Scale remover.

Oil Field Services: Oil drilling fluid, Fluid loss agent, Anti-collapse agent, etc.


For plant

• Regulate the state of various nutrient elements and promote crop absorption. 

• Enhance the resilience of fighting cold, drought, insect, and lodging. 

• Improve tensility of the root, making plant absorb better.

• Enhance crop physiological activity and improve various enzyme activities and chlorophyll content. 

• Stimulate crop growth, stimulate plant enzymes and plant body and bacteria cell division. 

• Increase the yield and quality of crops. 

For soil

• Improve soil compaction and salinization.

• Increase fertilizer use efficiency.

• Modulate the environment of microorganisms.

• Increase the fertility of the soil, intenerate soil.

• Adjust soil PH value to the neutral range.

• Enhance the remaining N.P.K uptake in the soil.

• Neutralize toxins and bind heavy metals in the soil.


20kg, 25kg, 50kg, 650kg, 850kg, 1000kg bags.

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