X®Potassium Humate
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Extracted from leonardite, concentrated humic acid substance and a 100% water soluble high quality plant growth stimulant and soil conditioner.

X®Potassium Humate by Humic Acid Powder Supplier


Potassium Humate appears as black flakes, powder, or crystalline granules. The raw material is derived from naturally weathered lignite, soluble in water, and weakly alkaline. Through different proportions, humic acid and nutrients can be effectively combined to improve the utilization rate of fertilizer. Potassium Humate by Humic Acid Powder Supplier is a very ideal organic chelator, biological stimulator, and soil conditioner.


Solubility70% min85% min90% min95% min99.5-100%
Humic Acid (dry basis) 35% min
50-55% min60%min65% min70% min
K2O (dry basis) 3-6%8% min10% min10% min12%min
Moisture15% max15% max15% max15% max15% max
PH Value9-119-119-119-119-11



For Plant

• Effectively accelerate crop growth and development.

• Improve the nutrient uptake efficiency of crops through the leaf surface.

• Accelerate the synthesis of photosynthetic pigments and increase the photosynthetic rate.

• Increase crop yield and improve the quality of agricultural products.

• Activate the enzyme system of crops, accelerate the enzymatic reaction, promote

metabolism, and improve biological activity.

• Improve cytoplasmic concentration, affect the stomatal opening, and reduce respiration

and transpiration.

For Soil

• Enhance cation exchange capacity and improve soil water and fertilizer retention capacity.

• Enhance soil resistance, especially reduce the high salt content in alkaline soil.

• Promote nutrient absorption and increase soil humus content.

• Prevent soil from being polluted by heavy metal ions and other harmful substances.

• Improve fertilizer efficiency and enhance the utilization rate of nitrogen and phosphorus.


Humic acid powder supplier X-HUMATE provide packing with 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg, 900kg bags.


For Industry: Drilling mud treatment, ion exchange, sewage treatment, heavy metal adsorption, etc.

For Agriculture: Multifunctional compound fertilizer. After combining nitrogen and phosphorus, Potassium Humate by Humic Acid Powder Supplier can be used for soil improvement, plant growth promotion, and fertilizer efficiency improvement.

Foliar SprayingEach time 2-6kg/ha Dilution: 1500-2000 timesThe late stages of crop growth Interval of 7-10 days
Drip Irrigation or Root IrrigationEach time 6-16kg/ha Dilution: 1000-1500 times Various crop growth periods Interval of 7-10 days
Base Fertilizer Each time 45-75kg/ha Various crop growth periods

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